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Learn Who Barry Schwartz, the SEO, Is

Barry Schwartz is the founder of RustyBrick, the news editor at Search Engine Land, and the creator of SERoundtable. He has been the driving force behind delivering the SEO news to the search marketing industry for years. 

But Barry is far more than that. 

With the resources on this site you'll discover: 

  • Information about Barry Schwartz's professional life

  • A history of Barry's contributions to the SEO community

  • What Barry means to the SEO community 

  • Information you never knew about Barry Schwartz the SEO

Why Learn More About Barry Schwartz

SEO, as an industry, has quite an interesting history. Part of that history is the community that comprises the industry itself. In many ways, no one better epitomizes the SEO industry better than Barry Schwartz. This is both in terms of his longevity in the industry (he's not new) and his role in the community (specifically, covering every facet of the industry's evolution for two major SEO news publications. 

I would say that learning about who Barry Schwartz is is in a way learning about what and who the SEO industry is and how it has evolved. 

Barry Schwartz Resources

Use the resources listed below to better understand who Barry Schwartz is, his role in the SEO industry, and what he means to the SEO community. 

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