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What Does The SEO Community Think About Barry Schwartz? 

Barry Schwartz is one of the most beloved individuals in the SEO industry. See how people feel about Barry Schwartz straight from the SEO community itself with these blurbs from fellow SEOs. 

There is perhaps no better way of learning about who Barry is than by looking at his impact on the SEO community itself. And what better way is there to evaluate that than by looking at what the SEO community and its members have to say about Barry. 

What Does Barry Schwartz Mean To You? 

John Mueller SEO

Mean? Barry's not mean.

Jacob Mann

I know that if I'm looking at SEO news, there is a 50/50 chance it was written by Barry. He is the SEO news version of Everything Everywhere All at Once, but deserves more awards.


When I was just starting out in SEO, I had lots of newbie questions. Barry often took the time to reply and clarify things for me. Top man!


Barry is an SEO legend. His contribution to the community is unsurpassed. Likely thousands of people have started and developed their marketing careers thanks to his sage advice and key insights. Not a week goes by when I don't get multiple people sending me links to Barry's insights that I have already read and shared myself. He has generously shared his faith which I think is important for the community. It is a big tent and he is the tent pole holding us all up.


Barry’s persistence for reporting on SEO is not only helpful to so many in the field, it’s also a masterclass in having a dogged work ethic. But that’s not new. ;) TLDR: I’m grateful for and inspired by his work!


He is a very nice, professional and valuable resource to the SEO community and does an excellent job keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends.


A kind man who knows everything about search before anyone does. And has answers to almost everything.


Barry means the world to me for SEO updates and information.

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