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Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz: Professional Life

Explore the professional life of Barry Schwartz, SEO expert and founder of

Professional History




Search Engine Land


Rusty Brick

Barry founded famed SEO blog, SERoundtable in 2006. The blog is still one of the top sources of SEO information on the web. To date, Barry has written over 30K articles about SEO.

In 2006, Barry became the executive editor at Search Engine Land. To this day, Barry covers all of the most important SEO news on a daily basis. Except for the Sabbath, which Barry dutifully observes. 

An early pioneer of the web, in 1994 Barry founded online technology firm Rusty Brick with his brother, Ronnie. Since then, the company has created an array of web applications from translation apps and beyond that have helped users around the globe better navigate their lives. 

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