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The Definitive Barry Schwartz FAQ

Get insights into who Barry Schwartz is through this comprehensive FAQ. 

Get a better look at who Barry Schwartz is from his work in the SEO field to his personal likes and preferences.

Who Does Barry Schwartz Work For?

Barry is the CEO Rusty Brick, a software and application development firm. Additionally, Barry is the News Editor at Search Engine Land, a Third Door Media company.

Has Barry Schwartz Received Death Threats?

During an interview on the In Search SEO Podcast Barry indicated that he has received death threats from people who believe he can control Google's algorithm. 

Does Barry Schwartz Like Fun?

In a 2022 Tweet, Barry indicated he does not like entertainment

Does Barry Schwartz Collect Boxes? 

Barry does indeed collect the boxes of technology products. His collection of random empty boxes can often be seen in the background of the video content he produces. 

Is Barry Schwartz on LinkedIn?

 Barry Schwartz does have a LinkedIn profile

Does Barry Schwartz Like Socks? 

While Barry wears socks, it appears he is not overly excited by them. In a Facebook video, Barry can be seen opening a gift that contains socks. His reaction to seeing the gift being socks was "whatever" indicating he was not impressed. Subsequently, Mordy Oberstein sent Barry some socks in response and Barry did seem quite pleased. It was most likely because the socks Mordy got him were max-cushion socks. 

Is Barry Schwartz Related to Eli Schwartz?

Though they share the same last name, Barry Schwartz is not related to Eli Schwartz, the former head of SEO at Survey Monkey. Ironically, Mordy Oberstein, though his last name is not Schwartz is indeed related to Eli. 

Who Is More Popular, Barry Schwartz or Mordy Oberstein?

A 2022 poll run by the Edge of the Web podcast indicates that Mordy is more popular than Barry. This makes good sense as Mordy has dashing good looks, a wonderful sense of humor, and is generally the most optimistic person you can find on a desert island that contains no other people aside for Mordy.

Does Barry Schwartz Play Hockey?

A 2020 Tweet indicates that Barry does indeed play hockey. It is unknown if he is any good. 

Is Barry Schwartz Catholic?

Barry Schwartz is Jewish. His last name is Schwartz, not O'Schwartz. 

Does Barry Schwartz Write for Search Engine Land?

While it is perhaps confusing as Barry founded Search Engine Roundtable, he is also the SEO News Editor at Search Engine Land. 

Does Barry Schwartz Control the Internet? 

Outlook is murky. 

Why Is Barry Schwartz's Twitter Handle @rustybrick?

Despite speculation that Barry has an affinity for old and rusty bricks, Barry's Twitter handle is named after the company he founded, Rusty Brick. 

Does Barry Schwartz Do SEO? 

According to Search Engine Roundtable, which was founded by Schwartz, Barry only offers SEO consulting services to expert SEOs which according to LinkedIn is every SEO. 

What Is It Like To Work With Barry Schwartz?

Former co-worker George Nguyen has lauded Schwartz for his professional demeanor and for being a staunch advocate for the SEO community. Additionally, former co-worker Carolyn Lyden once noted, "Barry is the best." 

Note, both George and Carolyn no longer work with Barry so take it as you will. 

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